Approximately 84 days ago I was diagnosed with T Cell LBL, a disease that makes up almost 2% of all Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis.

Making my disease what some rocket scientists would consider “rare”

If you have read my previous posts or just my first story, you would have some sort of understanding for how fucked up I was when I arrived, if not then I’ll just say here that it sucked.

It is now 84 days since I sat my sick ass down in a hospital bed either at Mt Sinai ER,  ICU, CCU or the leukemia ward here at Princess Margaret, a place where you can only go home when you are in remission.

I have had two cycles of chemo, five or six blood transfusions, a platelet transfusion, countless x rays, approximately ten Thorax CT Scans, two pet scans and spent more days struggling to breathe than not.

Regardless of all of that, my Dr came in this morning to inform me that I have now seen 100% response to my treatment.

I am scheduled to head home on Wednesday, meaning I am indeed in remission – that’s seriously awesome.

This is far from the end of my battle, I still will be receiving consolidation chemotherapy for the next year or so, but that hard part is over.

See you soon, really soon.

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