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Rayne Chop Shop


Create new ways to engage consumers in our product and a new form of creative participation that reflect Raynes brand values while promoting our new construction


Campaign Strategy
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Use our K.I.S.S. construction as the core of an archetypal product that can be reproduced at low cost as the focus of the promotion.

This being our first product with solely organic materials it enabled alot more flexibility with its use-case. In order to display that versatility while inspiring the community to be more hands on and creative with thier boards, I proposed the RayneChopShop campaign to promote the main product; The Template.

This campaign was created with the following objectives

  •  Inspire a new type of product engagement that reflected the culture of surf shaping – inspire a new generation of skaters to have more sentimental value towards the brand and product.
  • Offer the tools to educate consumers on the benefits of specific designs,
    enabling a more educated consumer, giving us an advantage as an industry leader in product engineering.

Campaign Implementation

Using the Template Board as our main product, we offered consumers a new way to get the construction and quality they know from Rayne with the customization of building the board yourself. Marketing the Template as its own product, we created a promotional video (due to budgetary restraints the music had to change), and ran sales promotions both online and direct to our retailers. 

Since this product was a new way for consumers to enjoy their skateboard we ran a week long tour where Rayne owner/engineer went to key retailers and walked groups through how to shape, cut and finish their own templates. This campaign was far more successful than anticipated, generating a buzz of exposure online with both publications and customers posting about how much fun they had customizing and riding their templates. 

Brand/Marketing Management

BozBoards 2014 Catalog


Carve our niche in the industry with a unique approach to product marketing and development


Business Development
Marketing Strategy
Resource Management
Public Relations and Communications


Using a tech first approach, we developed a brand whose values were focused on optimizing each element of our products construction and design. Starting from the ground up we developed new and innovative constructions for each product and created micro-brands for each one.

By creating these micro-brands we were able to simplify how we communicated each products technology, intention and performance.
Creating a visual language around these micro brands allowed us to build the catalog using an indexed format, creating an engaging and informative means to communicate each element of our product.

By highlighting constructions as their own individual products, we were able to then develop a matrix which combined our tech with design while also tying in the products discipline while reducing redundancies in copy.

Sub-Brand: Construction

Product Page

Social Media Editing

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