Sorry for the lack of updates, I only wanted to write something here when I had some substantial results, which I have been waiting on for a few weeks.

Though, the past few weeks have been a bit of a ride.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I began my round 2 of chemo, which sucked.

It was pretty harsh on my body… I got all of the side effects, some of which I am still recovering from today.

Ten days after the protocol ended they ran a follow-up CT scan which showed minimal improvements which kind of rattled me but I was still optimistic.

Ten days after that CT, this Tuesday, they ran another CT which showed significant improvements, the mediastinum mass which was 9.75cm when I arrived is now approximately 2cm. My peripheral lymph nodes are all now below 1cm, the blood clots are significantly smaller than previously and the fluid in and around my lungs have cleared.

I had a couple tough weeks after chemo, spending most of my time on oxygen and in bed, though the past 9 days have been good, a sustainable good too.

The plan now is to run a PET Scan tomorrow for further diagnostics to determine if the mediastinum has any cancer cells left or if the remaining ~2cm of mass is simply necrosis.

I will update here when we know tomorrows results.

See you soon

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