Another Anomaly

Here’s a fun one… there are 13 reported cases of marijuana-induced pancreatitis worldwide. I was using cannabis products to manage my chemo symptoms and it was very effective. Though, if I [...]

Scheduled Discharge – 86 Days Later

Approximately 84 days ago I was diagnosed with T Cell LBL, a disease that makes up almost 2% of all Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis. Making my disease what some rocket scientists would consider [...]

Best Case Scenario – Necrosis

Hey, Sorry for the lack of updates, I only wanted to write something here when I had some substantial results, which I have been waiting on for a few weeks. Though, the past few weeks have been a [...]

First Health Update – Still Hungry

Okay, I realize the last two posts were kind of grim. I hope I don’t have you worrying too much, things are significantly improving. As I mentioned, I arrived at Princess Margaret with [...]

35 Days – A Bit of Reflection

The fleeting moments of health, they’re not what I want to inspire you to chase after, I mean, I don’t really want to inspire you to do anything. Inspiration pieces aren’t my favorite things in [...]

Well Yea, I Have A Bit Of Cancer

This post is really just to start things off properly for the blog. Most of you already know this – I have Cancer More specifically T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma – Kind of a tough one [...]