I am Daniel Herzog (@glamourshotsbyherzi).

I am a 23 year old photographer with a Bachelors degree from the University of Guelph now located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

When it comes to my heritage as a photographer, I couldn’t really boil it down to one camera or moment really. I have always had a fascination with cameras, perhaps in my early years without even being aware of it, just playing with whatever rangefinder point and shoot was laying around the house.

I consciously made the decision to start grooming my photography skills in highschool, being the first student to try and study photography at my school, I pushed to create a media department stocked with strobes and studio backdrops.

Since then I moved on to study Marketing Management, receive my bachelors degree and fulfill the lifelong dream of starting a career in media and marketing in the beautiful mountains of Vancouver, BC.

My personal goals are to produce quality content for quality brands and incorporating them into successful marketing campaigns.

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